* "Hope for Chronic Clutter and Hoarding"
Click for HOME --- Hope for Chronic Clutter and Hoarding - at the ClutterWorkshop.com! Beth Johnson, professional organizer, keynote speaker, conducts support groups for chronic clutter and hoarding.
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Beth Johnson's
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Personal Consultation Services:
One-On-One Coaching Via Phone

. Contact Beth

For Pricing and
Available Times

"Before signing up for one-on-one coaching, I felt overwhelmed and inundated by my house.
Working with Beth over a period of time, I was able to turn my house and my life around.
What I could not handle all at once, I was able to tackle by breaking it into sections that were less overwhelming.
Beth helped keep me on track, and I was better able to keep committed to my goals.
Beth is a great cheerleader and advisor!"
- Jake R., Connecticut, USA
Benefits of Phone Coaching  
  • Assistance with goal-setting
    ("Where do I start?")
  • Help with motivation
  • Problem-solving 
  • Help in maintaining focus on decluttering work
  • Lessons in changing thought and behavior patterns in regards to clutter
  • Heightened awareness of acquiring patterns that add new clutter to your life
  • Take Action with Beth while on the phone!
Beth from the ClutterWorkshop.com conducting a phone consultation.
BEFOREthe Clutter Workshop AFTERthe Clutter Workshop
BEFORE the Clutter Workshop! AFTER the Clutter Workshop!
Details of Phone Coaching Services
  • The Phone service consists of:
    --Half-hour to one-hour phone consultations.
    --Coaching Packages start as low as $60
    --NO ADDED FEES for phone charges; Beth will make the call!
    It can be just a one-time consultation, or it can be arranged on an ongoing basis, with regularly scheduled meeting times.   Please email to set up a convenient time!
How to Sign Up
  • For Phone Consultation, please email Beth at Or click here to contact Beth.



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