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Action Ideas

Action Ideas for cleaning up your clutter, from Beth Johnson, Clutter Coach.
De-clutter process beginning. De-clutter process six months later. De-clutter process, eight months later.
The Beginning:
Soon after process
of de-cluttering
began in 18' x 12'
master bedroom.
There is a bed under there!!!
Six Months Later:
You can see the floor - and the bed!
Eight Months Later:
The bed is taken


History of This Room . . .

This room had been closed off for years. The first attempts to open it produced only a narrow six- inch opening, because there had been a "landslide" against the backside of the door, largely holding it shut.  So at first progress was slow, to say the least. This leads me to a few specific suggestions for when you first begin to work:

1)  Focus on one area, so that as you work, you will actually see the improvement.  Initially, I had to reach around the door to pull items through the six-inch crack. The day I could actually open the door was a big triumph!

2)  Very importantly, give yourself credit for each thing that you do - whether it's one small pile of papers or one box or one bag of clothes to donation:  it ALL counts.

Giving yourself credit for each step along the way is essential, because at first the job may seem overwhelming and you may want to stop before you even get started.

The things that you do accomplish become INVISIBLE after you do them, so you need additional reinforcement in order to recognize  your successes, large and small.

In this regard, BEFORE and AFTER photographs can be truly illuminating in gauging your progress. (see above)


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